Amit Shah fires on KCR,TRS Government

Bhartiya Janata Party President Amit Shah once again bursted on KCR and the TRS government.At a public meeting held by BJP on friday at Suryapet,Nalgonda Shah said that BJP is the party that can take power over TRS in Telangana.He turned on chief minister KCR saying that he and his family are getting more benefited by giving posts to thier henchmen only.

Shah asked the crowd if “KCR has it in him to rein in MIM” when the crowd responded ‘no’ he said that "it is only the BJP that can rein in MIM".The TRS is not capable of doing so.He repeated saying that BJP is only party in Telangana that can take on the TRS(Telangana Rastra Samiti).

He added that his party had succeeded in creating Congress mukth bharat in 2014 election. Now his party’s Telangana unit will fight for KCR mukth Telangana in next elections.He even said that Rs.90 crore Central funds released has not reached the poor since last years. Mr Shah asked people if the villages in Telangana get 24-hour electricity, have road connectivity, hospitals and other infrastructure and claimed that all these were achieved in states ruled by the BJP.


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