BJP-TRS alliance??

BJP national leader Amit Shah reported that no one has contacted them regarding the alliance.The buzz is that TRS party will soon join NDA alliance and that no one has approched BJP with the alliance proposal.Speaking at that Amit Shah reported that BJP would turn out to the top in Telangana by 2019.

As the Telangana formation day is approaching Chief Minister T.Chandrasekhar Rao speaking about the preparations of the occasion also spoke about alliance.He said that “We are independent and we do not have such thoughts.Some leaders are saying that they will come to power in Telangana by 2019.

They have grabbed 7 of the mandals of Telangana with injustice.How do people vote for such party? High court division did not happen in these two years.There are many inadequate reasons for that”. Even the TRS leaders have assured that neither of Congress nor BJP will come to power and the regional parties will be playing a decisive role in the 2019 elections.


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