By “Dasara” new districts for Telangana

The Telangana government has accelerated the process of forming the new districts.The present 10 districts is going to be increased to 24 or 25 new districts.The Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao will declare the new districts by Dasara as a part of the electoral promise.

A two-day conference of collectors and senior officials of state administration began at the Marri Chenna Reddy HRD Institute on Tuesday where the collectors from each district gave PowerPoint presentations of mandals and revenue divisions in their area and proposed bifurcation or mergers for the new districts.On wednesday Chandrasekhar Rao has joined and informed that by august 11th districts will be proposed and the collectors,SP’s and others should hold there post from that day itself.

It has been told that each district will have 20 mandals ,two revenue divisions, five to six Assembly constituencies and district headquarters within a 60-km radius and village mandals having 40,000 to 50000 population and in urban mandals upto 1,50,000 population and revenue divisions having 10 to 12 mandals and two assembly segments.All the work has been started to complete the work as soon as possible.


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