Fraud from Spartan company to Dhoni

As we all know that MS Dhoni the Indian cricket team Captain bagged so many adds and he has been brand ambassador for so many adds in his carrier after his Test cricket retirement he got shock from Australia company Spartan that is founded by Kunal Sharma had signed Dhoni for his bat’s endorsement in December 2013 and the three-year deal was worth Rs 12 crore per year. The spartan company just payed few months amount and slowed to a trickle. Spartan allegedly released “small tokens” cheques worth Rs 25 lakh to Rs 30 lakh and even offered a business proposal to Brand Dhoni.

Dhoni sports management company Rithi sports manager Arun Pandey cleared that Spartan company has did fraud to our management so he said that he will fight for the justice that spartan company needs to pay 30 crores still it is in pending.



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