Im going to chop my her – Charmi

As we all know the actor Charmi kaur has been in Tollywood for more that decade-and- a-half year. From her first movie she is having a long hair but this is the latest buzz that Charmi is cutting her long hair it is not for upcoming movies are some thing this for her fans. Charmi is decided to chop her Hair because of two cancer patients. Recently, Charmi was invited by her friend to his place to meet two girls who are her fans and battling with cancer.

As both the girls are undergoing Chemotherapy now, they lost thier hair so Charmi decided to give her wigs to them. Charmi said that "I’ll be meeting them soon and will gift them the wigs myself. I am waiting to see their smile when they take it," By this we got to know that Charmi move was heart touching.


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