Kodangal will divide in to Two

As we all know that TRS party and CM KCR is now focused on TDP fire brand leader Revanth Reddy much he is making non sense in Mallanna Sagar issue. The shocking news to Revanth is his consitution is ready two Kodangal will divide into two districts now. Actually Telangana government is think that they wants to make 23-26 districts in Telangana so Kodangal may be divided into two with some mandals being taken away for Vikarabad district, that is most likely to be created. If this happens, Revanth wont have much Power in Kondangal now.

As of now Telangana government is working on the division of districts by this they are thinking that Kodangal will divide and some mandals will be one district and others in another district will mean double efforts to get works done. Moreover, the district level politics will also influence here. Revanth has alleged that this move is on cards to check mate him! But can he really do something about it.


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