Mega director in Mega compound

Upto now director Harish Shankar is in the Mega compound only he is not leaving the Mega family members he is ready to do with all the heros in Mega family. As we all know that he secured a huge success from Mega family that too with Pawan Kalyan in the form of Gabbar Singh later he starred with nephew of Pawan Kalyan Sai Dharam tej which made a decent success at box office but it has created wonders in Youtube with more than 5 million views.

Now as we all know that Harish Shankar is planning with Pawan Kalyan again that was not yet finalised upto now it is been just the rumours around film nagar and Producer AM Ratnam. That Harish Shankar is doing the movie with Pawan Kalyan under AM Ratnam Banner. After this Harish Shankar will be doing with star Allu Arjun for a new movie which is expected to start rolling sometime next year. On the Birthday of Mega star Chiru he expressed his desire at TV program willing to work with Mega star he is ready to come up with convincing script. Like wise he is totally busy with the Mega family only.


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