Perfect opposition Telangana is BJP – DR.K.Laxman

The new Telangana State president of BJP DR.K.Laxman is more confident that BJP party will make an alternative to the ruling party TRS. This aim is to strengthen BJP party in Telangana state. He said that “BJP would like to replicate its success of Assam Assembly polls in Telangana by expanding its political space and emerging as an alternative to the ruling TRS”.

He also added that “they will take some suggestion and inspiration from Assam state where they had only five MLAs and they could come to power and even Haryana, BJP had only four MLAs and they could win 43 seats and come to power.” Also said that TDP and congress were already loosing there ground in the Telangana state only the BJP will be the opposition for TRS government in the General election 2019. Recently Amit shah have boosted some morale elements in the party and inall the activities of BJP said by DR.K.Laxman.


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