Serious about Road engineers – KTR

Panchayithi Raj & IT minsiter KT Ramaroa was recently busy in USA Trip and now after returned from US he concentrated on the roads and there conditions in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.

For this he became as a Road engineer now he is ready to play key role in this role now he is undertaking regular visits in so many areas of Greater Hyderabad Municipal corporation and he is teaching the “Road engineers” on how to over come this Rain season and how bad is about the roads are in the Hyderabad. Unfortunately, all the road KTR visited were in bad condition, which invited the young minister anger and he had to take decisions on his own to set the things right.

Now Telangana government is decided to hand over this road maintenance to one of the private organisation. Ktr he even explained about technical standards required to lay quality roads which are resistant to heavy rains for GHMC Road engineers, KTR also said that he serious about the roads quality in the Hyderabad. The minister is holding a series of meetings to improve road quality by adopting new techniques.


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