South Indian collection to Sultan

As we all knew that Salman sultan became huge blockbuster in Bollywood and collected over 150 crores gross in 5 days the movie not only impressed Bollywood and North audience it is been huge hit in  South India also. Even Salman Khan a super star of bollywood by this movie he got all his recent 10 movies collected 100 crores he is been the king of Bollywood now. Coming to south India collection Sultan collected 39 crores in 5days. Another factor favoring the Ali Abbas Zafar directed film here in south is no big film is around the theaters in Telugu and Tamil.

As we know that there are no big movies releases in this week so Sultan grabbed the collection overall in Tamil and Telugu. Now the movie is getting strong all over  the nation with huge collection. This collection will continues till Super star Rajinikanth Kabali arrives.


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