Cricket May add in 2024 Olympics

For India Cricket is known to be a most popular game and it is reasonable for any other sports professional complaining about their less popularity just due to cricket in India. But in most of these countries Cricket is not that popular internationally because superior countries like America, China, Japan and Europe are still away from this game. Now cricket is included in Olympics 2024 Italy board said offically but they is a condition for this India has to win the bid to host there games in Olympics the president of the Italian board has said. This will be a T20 cricket in the Olympics there will be more chances for india to have Olympics Medals.

By this news ICC chairman Shashank Manohar said that “Both Nepal and the US are important Members of the ICC as they have tremendous talent and potential,” He added that “The ICC, as part of its game and market development strategy, will continue to provide the countries with as much support as possible so that they can put in place good governance and structures,”


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