Holiday on Kabali release in Chennai and Bengaluru

As we all know that Superstar Rajinikanth Kabali is going to release this July 22nd on friday in a huge manner all across the world. By this release various corporate companies where declared holiday in Bengaluru and Chennai on the release date to see Super star Kabali on the first show. Companies that have issued notices to that effect include Bangalore-based Opus Waterproofing and Chennai based Fyndus India Pvt Ltd. Some have even volunteered to provide free tickets in a bid to contain piracy

Speaking to HT, Manoj Pushparaj Opus company said that “This was an internal company circulation which was sent out on Sunday. I could feel the eagerness in my employees, so instead of dealing with mass bunks and mobile switch offs, I came up with the idea of declaring a holiday on July 22 and be a part of the celebration. It would also serve as a motivation to my employees. Like Diwali bonus, we treated them to Kabali bonus.”



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