Panchayati ordered to marry

This is been shocking that in Bihar local village the interesting marriage happen in Muzaffarpur district of north Bihar. The panchayati people ordered a 60 year old widow with her lover that is 32 year pan shop owner they both got married by the orders of panchayati peoples in the village. Sushil Kumar, 32, and Sushila, 60, entered into a village panchayat-sanctioned wedlock to give legal sanction to what had been a long clandestine relationship between the two neighbours.

Actually Village head said that they were caught while having romance they were been lovers since so many years so Panchayat ordered them to marry on the spot. Before this Sushil Kumar has been already married to another girl and he is having 2 Children But Sushila is a widow and she be a side of his Shop so they got close. After the wedding, the couple left the village for an unknown destination. However, the station house officer of Hattha outpost said no such report had been lodged at the police station.



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