KTR will be next CM?

As we all knew that Telangana Information Technology (IT), Panchayati raj (PR), and Municipal Administratio and Urban Development (MAUD) Minister KTR is known to be a powerful politician in Telangana now he is busy in every aspect of issues resolving for the people. Telangana Congress senior leader P Govardhan Reddy stated that With in 6months Telangana Cheif Minister will be KTR he added there are so many internal fights in TRS Party so it will probably goes to KTR because of this son. G Reddy added that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is seriously planning to handover the responsibilities to his son KTR and goes for early elections in 2018.

He also said that KCR is not confident that he will become CM again after the 2019 election He said that TRS party wont get power in 2019 General elections. He added that Congress has started the ground work on how people of Telangana suffering from this government at village-level after following the clear indications that early elections are inevitable


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