Selfie Raja Trailer Talk

As we all knew that Allari Naresh is doing this current movie Selfie Raja this is been directing by G Nageshwer Reddy Under Chalasani Ramabrahmam Chowdary Production. Recently from so many movies Allari Naresh is suffering with flops so he is working hard for this movie to get grand success and this will be his 51st movie. Yesterday the Theatrical Trailer has been released which got huge response from the audiences in the social media and Youtube.

Yesterday movie unit planned for pre release promotional event by releasing the single audio track and they will make this promotional in Two telugu states by that they will release the Album and movie is planned for this 15th of July. Talking about the trailer Naresh looks like back in the track with his hillarious flick ” he is taking selfies with dead body, group selfie who came to bash him up and the interesting dialogue has been used by Prudhvi 30 Years Industry that repeating Bunny’s controversial “Nen Chepanu Brother” this became the comedy one in the trailer. Lets see this time will naresh make the comedy success or not.



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