No remuneration for Chiru 150th movie

As we all know that top director VV Vinayak is directing the prestigious project with Mega star Chiru currently. He as been completed this first schedule in a fast pace and busy with second schedule also. Even it is Remake for the Tamil flick the movie like to be Telugu negativity that director VV Vinayak script has been made with strong base. He worked out with the script for almost 8 month for this movie Kaathilantodu. Coming to remuneration VV Vinayak is not taking single penny for this big project he is doing for free now. Source from industry thought that VV Vinayak is grabbing big amount from Ram Charan Production hous e but all those says trash.

But VV Vinayak is taking the film’s East Godavari distribution rights as his remuneration. Already, the pre-release business has kick-started and local buyers have offered Rs. 5.50 crores for East Godavari rights. Even after 2 disasters VV Vinayak getting handsome amount with Kaathilantodu.



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