Pelli Choopulu Review

We have seen in trailer itself that Pelli Choopulu will make attention at box office and it did now. The movie has been released today and got huge response from the audiences saying that romantic comedy fresh entertainer with good emotions scenes. The movie is been directed by short film director Tarun Bhaskar and has Vijay Devarakonda and Ritu Varma as the main leads.

Coming to Vijay is a very easy guy about his life and his is passionated about cooking. He meets Ritu she is has high aspirations in life. They both have different ideologies and mindsets, but they come together to get a step closer to their aims. However things don’t go as planned for them. Movie totally makes freshness from all the character in the movie total credit should goes to Tharun. The Chemistry between Ritu and Vijay is just amazing and is also the selling point of the film. The way the couple converse and enact their roles is just lovely to watch on screen. Screenplay is a huge asset as many scenes have been narrated in a taut manner. First half ends with total freshness the love between them and comedy elements in between. In the second half the narration of story went slow There are scenes which look repetitive and this could have been dealt with easily in the second half. Whatever Overall movie shows lot of decent elements to watch a clean and feel good love story not a Big hit.



  1. Director
  2. Screenplay
  3.  Chemistry 



1. Music

2. Slow narration in Second half.

Rating: 2.5/5


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