TSRTC apporached APSRTC

The TSRTC officially said that RTC is a corporation it is not divided in the two states of Two Telugu states. TSRTC said that we are looking to plot the Administration in Amravathi from Hyderabad to increase the services in Two Telugu states. As we all knew from Hyderabad to various destination across Andhra Pradesh is likely to have more number of services to grab good income for the Corporation. It is been confirmed that the Corporation hopes that this move will ensure more income as the staff shifting increased the demand for more transport facilities and usually AP government has to agree for the increase of bus fleet being operated by other states.

This apporach is been by Telangana Cm KCR by this apporach RTC will rose the Incomes of the corporations because actually it is in the severe financial crunch this idea help RTC for some extend.


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